Academy histories

Abergavenny Academy (1757-1781)
Airedale Independent College (1800-1888)
Associate Presbytery Divinity Hall (1737-1747)
Associate Synod (Burgher) Divinity Hall (1747-1820) and United Secession Divinity Hall (1820-1847)
Bala Calvinistic Methodist College (1837-1922)
Baptist College, Stepney (1810-1856) and Regent's Park College, London (1856-1927)
Blackburn Independent Academy (1816-1843)
Bristol Baptist Academy (1720 to present)
Carmarthen Academy (c.1703-1795)
Carmarthen Academy, later Presbyterian College, Carmarthen (1795-1963)
Cheshunt College (1792-1967)
Constitutional, Protester and United Original Secession Divinity Halls (1806-1852)
Cotton End Academy (1840-1874)
Coward College (1833-1850)
Daventry Academy (1752-1789)
David Jennings's Academy, Wellclose Square (1744-1762)
Findern and Derby Academy (c.1712-1754)
General Associate (Anti-Burgher) Divinity Hall (1748-1820) including New Light Anti-Burghers (1807-1820)
Gosport Academy (1777-1826)
Hackney Unitarian Academy (1812-1818)
Homerton Academy (1769-1850)
Horton Academy (1806-1859) and Rawdon College (1859-1964)
Hoxton Academy (1764-1785)
Hoxton Missionary College (1826-1830)
Hoxton [Independent] Academy (1791-1826) and Highbury College (1826-1850)
James Scott's Academy, Heckmondwike (1756-1783)
John Fawcett's Academy (c.1773-1805), continued by John Fawcett Jr (1805-c.1832)
John Horsey's Academy, Northampton (1789-1798)
John Jennings's Academy, Kibworth Harcourt and Hinckley (c.1715-1723)
Killyleagh Philosophy School (c.1696-c.1714)
King's Head Society Academies (1731-1769)
Lancashire Independent College (1843-1958)
Leaf Square Academy (1811-1813)
Manchester College, York (1803-1840)
Manchester New College, London (1853-1889)
Manchester New College, Manchester (1840-1853)
Moorfields Academy (1712-1744)
New College, Hackney (1786-1796)
New College, London (1850-1977)
New College, Manchester (1786-1803)
Newport Pagnell Academy (1783-1850)
Original Burgher (Old Light Burghers) Divinity Hall (1799-1839)
Pastor's College (1857 to present)
Reformed Presbyterian Divinity Hall (1803-1876)
Relief Church Divinity Hall (1824-1847)
Rice Price's Academy, Tyn-ton (c.1698-c.1720)
Roger Griffith's Academy, Abergavenny (1697-1702)
Rotherham Independent College (1795-1888)
Samuel Walker's Academy, Northowram (1783-1794)
The Countess of Huntingdon's College, Trevecka (1768-1791)
The Presbyterian College, London (1844-1899)
The Western Academy (1752-1845)
Timothy Kenrick's Academy, Exeter (1799-1805)
Trevecka Calvinistic Methodist College (1842-1906)
Unitarian Home Missionary Board (1854 to present)
United Presbyterian Church Divinity Hall (1847-1900)
Warrington Academy (1757-1786)
Wesleyan Theological Institution: Hoxton (1834-1842) and Abney House (1839-1843)
Wesleyan Theological Institution: Northern Branch, Didsbury (1842-1940)
Wesleyan Theological Institution: Southern Branch, Richmond (1843-1972)
Western College, Plymouth (1845-1901)
William Roby's Academy (1803-1808)
Wymondley Academy (1799-1833)